Intelectual Outputs

IMAS Outputs

IO1. Maths survey implementation for statisical analytics of learning evolution

Output 1 will provide a EU taxonomy to measure maths learning, and on top of that the questionnaires following it to be used on the baseline tests. This will be lead by CARDET. Subtasks will be coordinated by AHS, PRO WORK and JAITEK.

IO2. Maths learning statistical analytics

Output 2 will produce the whole Statistical Analysis System and will be lead by PRO WORK with Subtasks coordination by JAITEK, UMA and PRO WORK

IO3. Open Educational Resources (OER) for maths

Output 3 will analyze the needs of OER to be provided to students by analyzing the general evolution of the online testing, and create at least 5 resources by partner according with those needs to feed the in service for teachers. In addition, 100 external resources per partner will be identified and registered in a repository. This will be lead by JAITEK. FIPL will coordinate the resource repository and CARDET the resource production. All partners will pilot the resources.

IO4. New pedagogies for maths teaching

Output 4 will create a service for teachers to be able to use active methodologies in maths teaching, and be able to adapt the process depending on baseline test evolution of the class. This will be lead by AHS and subtask coordinated by CARDET and UMA.

IO5. IMAS learning platform

Output 5 take care of all the baseline test infrastructure and deployment, and will be lead by FIPL and supported by JAITEK and UMA.