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Foundation Knowledge Centre Pro Work was established in the Netherlands as a Centre of Excellence as a direct result of the experience and activities in several national and EU projects. Pro Work promotes the career development of people with (significant) distance to the labour market, skilled workers and others who need coaching, training and counselling in a wide variety of sectors and topics, both at the national and international level. Pro Work operates in sectors like education, IT, sustainability, environment, economy, health care and technology associated with innovations, sheltered employment, entrepreneurship, talent development, unemployment and generation gaps.

The projects that Pro Work participates in vary from the national to the international level and differ in size, number of participating parties, types of partners, structure, collaboration, subject and purpose. Ultimately, all projects focus on the so-called ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’, because they have in common to improve the quality of life in many areas. From e.g. reducing the distance to the labour market, creating learning materials on computing for every educational level, inclusion, diversity management, improving sustainability and reducing the generation gap. Pro Work has a long cooperation with umbrella organisations at the national and international level for social and employment reintegration. Pro Work developed a lot of tools, methods, instruments and learning materials for these target groups.

In addition to the (international) projects that Pro Work is involved in, there is a wide array of other activities, which the foundation carries out within the educational sector and/or within European subsidised programs. These activities vary greatly in subject, but they all have in common that they are active within the educational sector in the Netherlands and Europe, where innovation, mobility, collaboration and quality are the keywords.

Pro Work has a vast experience in national and international projects (both inside and outside the EU). The staff involved in projects is well qualified and fit for its tasks in the project. Staff from Pro Work that will be involved in the project includes education experts, consultants, researchers, technical and administrative personnel. More information? www.pro-work.nl












Information Technology, Arts and Crafts, Pedagogy, Business administration



Theo Grefkens

Burgh Haamstede

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