IMAS Results

 width=This output is led by the Dutch organization, Pro Work, and involves all organizations in the IMAS project consortium.

This IO2 deals with the statistical analysis of the data, which means creating a database with all the results, so that it can be updated regularly with the new results from the BLT that are also collected in this output.

The main results of this output are the taxonomy, the statistical system and the questionnaires:


The taxonomy of Maths knowledge has been developed to categorize the different questionnaires developed in all the project languages to run the Baseline tests (BTL).

Statistical  System

The statistical system of the project is a Statistical Analysis Gathering system that will allow users to draw the evolution of Maths learning in schools at levels EQF 1, 2 and 3.


Validated questionnaires covering all educational levels (EQF), and following a taxonomy framework for Maths Competences have already been developed. In this output we work directly with schools, to whom we provide the questionnaires and a continuous evaluation. These questionnaires have three levels (EQF) corresponding to the different educational levels: primary, secondary and high school. 

  • EQF 1: primary education (6 - 12 years old)
  • EQF 2: secondary education (12 - 16 years old)
  • EQF 3: high school (16 - 18 years old)